Sample Services Provided
  • Economic damages analysis based on human capital economics, the received literature among economists.  Such analysis is based on the literature of economics as practiced outside the courtroom, not that of so-called “forensic economics.”

  • Detailed reports of analysis of damages with appropriate citations to the mainstream economics literature to support general acceptance and reliability of principles and methods.

  • Quick-turnaround damages analyses for reserve setting and for settlement negotiations.

  • Detailed critique of the reports of opposing economists, especially those professing to apply the techniques of so-called “forensic economics.”

  • Support throughout discovery, including document requests, interrogatories and questions for depositions of opposing experts.

  • Support in the drafting of Frye and Daubert challenges to the testimony of opposing experts.

  • Determination of present value using the cost to the plaintiff of an annuity to pay future damages, where appropriate, the use of Treasury or municipal bond portfolios using optimization techniques or, when required, the statutorily mandated discount rate.








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